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Remodeling is never a “cookie-cutter” process but most home improvement contractors tend to try to do the same old thing over and over again for homeowners. That’s simply not the case when you hire A Better Construction Company for your kitchen, bathroom or basement remodel because we customize every aspect of the look of functionality of your home renovation project.

Remodeling and Home Improvement Contractor in Columbia MO


No matter how big or how minor your home improvement or remodeling project is in the Columbia MO area, A Better Construction Company can help COMO-Columbia-MO-remodeling-contractor-kitchen-bathroom-remodeltransform and update your home into a modern or classic look without hassle or worry that most home remodelers tend to bring along with them. The key to our remodeling business is and has always been honesty, integrity andcustom-bathroom-kitchen-remodeling-Columbia-Mo affordability. When we are asked to provide an estimate on a home improvement or remodeling project, we make sure that we are upfront and honest about any and all costs that be involved with no surprised in the middle of construction. Many remodelers underestimate the work that will need to be done on a given project which in turn makes their estimate looks inexpensive but in the end it ends up costing homeowner much more. Having integrity literally means “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles” but at A Better Construction Company we take it a step further and believe that having integrity means being the same person even when no one else is around. In other words, homeowners don’t have to watch every move our remodelers make during construction because our goal is to complete your remodel on time and of course on budget. Remodeling can be expensive but A Better Construction Company does everything we can to keep your costs down without sacrificing quality craftsmanship or materials. That means that when we are hired for a home improvement project or remodel, our goal is provide the highest quality design, functionality and durability so that you never have to worry about your newly renovated room ever again. We have the experience and knowledge to transform your home and after completing hundreds of remodeling and home improvement projects in and around the Columbia MO area, A Better Construction Company is the homeowners’ choice for quality, lasting and affordable home construction services. To schedule a free consultation and receive an estimate on your home remodeling project in Columbia MO call A Better Construction Company today at (573) 268-4082 or CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US.

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